September 29, 1999

Fuji Univance Corporation will change its "function-based" organization to a "products segment-basis" organization, effective October 1, 1999, in order to expedite the response to market and customer requirements.


Fuji Univance Corporation will change its organization which consists of two major divisions; Business Division and Manufacturing Division, effective October 1, 1999, in order to expedite the response to market and customer requirements, by

1.  placing great importance on consolidated settlement

2.  improved cash flow management

3.  selection of business specialization and integrating these businesses. 

1. Outline of Essential Changes

(1) In the Business Division, the "functional-based" organization will be changed to a "products segment-basis" which allows for a consistency of work on each product.  By making a group for each product consisting of sales, development, purchasing and production engineering allowing for the production of more competitive products.  The roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined and the executive authority will be greatly transferred to XXX in order to increase the speed of operation in each segment. 

(2) The production related departments such as the former Manufacturing Department, Facility Maintenance Section, Tooling Application Section, Production Management Department, Production Engineering Section and Inspection Section will be included in the Manufacturing Division which allows for quick plant operation. 

(3) The head office will be the administrative division where overall service is provided for the company and strategies will be discussed.  The Business and Manufacturing Divisions serve as a revenue generating center, by increasing profit and cashflow in each section and on each product in the Business Division, and by increasing the profit of each plant and total asset profit ratio (Plant ROA) in the Manufacturing Division. 

Fuji Univance Corp. is also aiming at fostering business personnel and entrepreneurs through these operations. 

2. Details of Organization

(1)   Business Division consists of four segments:

1.  Drive force devices for 4-wheel drive recreation vehicles

2.  Manual transmission units for commercial vehicles

3.  Parts and components for automatic transmissions

4.  Transmission units for agricultural and industrial machinery

The Purchasing Support Department, Sales Support Department and Engineering Support Department will be also established in order to assist any work in common in these segments.  Fuji Univance Corp. is also aiming at running the PDCA at high speed by reinforcing the profit control system. 

(2)   Manufacturing Division is as follows:

1.  The Manufacturing Department is divided into 6 sections according to the plants, and it is aimed at increasing the profit of every plant and the total assets of each plant.

2.  The Production Engineering Department which supports the Manufacturing Department in all aspects has the function of manufacturing engineering, facility maintenance, tooling application and quality assurance.

3.  The Production Control Department will support the management in production.  The aim is also to establish JIT.  Authority will be transferred to the General Manager of the Manufacturing Division so that the PDCA can be run under his control in daily production activities and he will be responsible for profit of the plant operation. 

(3)   Head office will consists of the following 6 departments:

The head office will be integrated into the following departments; Quality Assurance Department, Engineering Development Department, TQC/TPM Management Department, Corporate Strategy Department, Accounting and Finance Department and Administration Department. 

If you have any inquires, please contact Mr. Junya Inuzuka at Fuji Univance Corporation, Phone #(053)576-1311, Facsimile #(053)576-4752. 

2418 Washizu, Kosai-City, Shizuoka 431-0494  Japan