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Privacy Policy

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Prohibited Actions

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Proposing Ideas

Univance respectfully declines, in principle, to accept ideas regarding new products, technologies, designs, drawings, inventions, devices, and/or concepts (hereinafter referred to as “proposals”). This is to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and/or conflicts due to the possibility that an outside proposal may be similar to ideas that Univance independently produced in the course of our technology development activities.
We appreciate your understanding. In the event that you do choose to submit a proposal, please be advised that you agree to the following terms:

  1. Univance is not obligated to keep your proposal confidential.
  2. Univance is not obligated to consider, evaluate, and/or adopt a proposal that you submit to us, nor is Univance obligated to report the results of our consideration and/or evaluation to you.
  3. In the event that Univance adopts an idea that is similar or identical to your proposal, or in the event that Univance adopts your proposal as is, Univance bears no responsibility whatsoever towards the individual(s) who submitted the idea, including compensation.

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