Corporate Governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Univance believes that enacting a corporate governance structure which is rooted in our corporate philosophy is essential to running a profitable company. To improve the transparency and efficiency of our business operations, to quickly respond to changes in the business environment, to continue growing, and to improve upon our corporate values, we follow these 5 basic policies.

Basic Policies


(1) Rights and Equality of Shareholders

We respect the rights of shareholders. We strive to ensure equity among shareholders while also creating an environment where shareholders can exercise their rights.


(2) Appropriate Cooperation with Stakeholders Other Than Shareholders

We cooperate with various stakeholders, including our employees, clients, and local community members, by always giving priority to the future of people, society, and the world, and by recognizing that fair and highly transparent corporate activities are required in accordance with our corporate philosophy.

(3) Appropriate Transparency and Information Disclosure

We appropriately disclose our financial information, as well as non-financial information such as our operating strategies, management issues, risks, and governance, in compliance with laws and regulations. Additionally, we provide timely disclosure of useful information through our website and other means as needed.

(4) Responsibilities of Board of Directors and Other Governing Bodies

The Board of Directors fulfills its duties appropriately by making decisions in a transparent, fair, swift, and decisive manner to maximize our corporate values.

(5) Dialogue with Shareholders

We maintain a system that facilitates constructive dialogue with our shareholders in order to ensure our company's continued long-term growth as well as mid-term improvements in our corporate values.


Corporate Governance Structure

Basic Approach to Compliance

Relationship with Society and Local Communities

In line with our corporate philosophy, which states that ”through continuous innovation and a respect for individuals, we help make the world a happier place,” we are aware that our corporate activities must give priority to the future of individuals, society, and the world in a fair and transparent manner. High transparency means close communication with our stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, and local community members, and the disclosure of useful corporate information to all.

Note: "Stakeholders" refers to people and entities that have a direct and/or an indirect interest in a company's operations and corporate activities. Specifically, "stakeholders" includes shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees, and members of the local community.

Relationships with our Suppliers

Univance always engages in fair and equitable dealings based on clear and objective standards. Our suppliers are our partners, and we endeavor to build relationships that lead to mutual trust and growth.

Relationships between the Company and Us

For us, satisfaction in the workplace involves several factors, from basic working conditions such as compensation to providing a workplace where individuals can achieve self-actualization. We believe that a company should be a place where each of us can maximize our potential and grow as human beings.

In accordance with our spirit of self-reliance, we seek to meet these goals by respecting basic human rights and by also following regulations and labor relations laws. By adhering to our internal policies, we strive to protect order and morality as we faithfully conduct our duties and as each person strives to reach his/her full potential through professional development.
(excerpt from the Univance Compliance Manual)