Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Philosophy

Univance Corporation recognizes that environmental protection is a critical global issue, and we carefully consider global environmental protection in all aspects of our corporate activities.

Environmental Policy

Univance group pursues the earth-friendly monotsukuri and harmonizes between corporative activities and global environment in order to hand over the better environment for future generations. 

  1. Observe rules and promote eco-friendly corporative activities.
  2. Minimize the use of resources and energies.
  3. Extract environmental risks and continuously prevent them.

Organizational Structure

ISO 14001 Certificate




Shizuoka Green Energy





In September 2021, we switched the power supply for our head office building to Shizuoka Green Energy provided by Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.

This is electricity with zero CO2 emissions sourced from hydroelectric power plants in Shizuoka Prefecture. It can be said to be local production for local consumption of electricity, and leads not only to decarbonization but also to regional contribution.

Our company is also on the list of participating businesses on the Renewable Energy Use Promotion Project page of the Shizuoka Prefecture official website.

Shizuoka Prefecture Renewable Electricity Use Promotion Project

Environmental Report

Environmental Report is available for download below.