All About Univance

Five Beliefs
in One Name

UNIVANCE is a company of UNITED engineers who continuously ADVANCE forward to deliver drivetrain UNITs developed with our UNIQUE technologies that meet everyone's UNIVERSAL needs.



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Refining our Unique Technologies Since our Founding

Univance has a long history of satisfying manufacturing needs for forging, machining, heat treatment, finishing and other processes. Our unique technologies are held in high esteem by our many clients. Utilizing our strengths as an independent company, we offer quick decision-making and fast responses to our customers' needs, even down to small lot manufacturing.

Providing New Value and Respecting Individuality

At Univance, we value individual differences and look for ways to use each person's unique strengths to provide the world with new products.
“Humanity and Technology;” it is our people who create our technology.



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The Unique Quality of a Specialized Manufacturer

Univance is a specialized manufacturer of drivetrain units. We manufacture and supply assembly units including transmissions, gearboxes and reducer units, as well as individual components such as gears and shafts. Because we are specialists, we can deliver the highest quality products because we know exactly how our parts are used.


Optimization Delivered

Univance’s products have various strengths, including high transfer efficiency, low noise, high reliability, low weight, and compactness.
We propose products to our customers which are optimized to meet their individual needs, both in product specifications and order quantity.

Electron Probe Micro Analyzer

Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer

CNC Gear Measurement Equipment

CNC Gear Measurement Equipment

X-Ray Stress Measurement Equipment

X-Ray Stress Measurement Equipment

In-line Shipping Testers

In-line Shipping Testers



Three Overseas Branches

Three Overseas Branches

Univance has manufacturing plants in the USA, Indonesia, and Thailand. Each plant services local customers by manufacturing transfers, gears, and other parts for front-wheel drive vehicles with the same quality as those made in Japan.

Three Overseas Branches
  1. Main Plant/Hamamatsu Plant/Kosai Plant(Japan)
  2. UNIVANCE (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Global Expansion

Univance is a global corporation. Our client-base includes auto manufacturers both in Japan and overseas. Across the globe, auto manufacturers demand high quality from their drivetrain and control unit suppliers. We respond to those demands with precision and care.



3400 Corporate Drive, Winchester, KY, 40391 U.S.A.



Kota Bukit Indah,Blok D-ⅡNo.16,17,18,19 Bungursari-Purwakarta 41181,Jawa Barat, INDONESIA



UNIVANCE (Thailand) Co., Ltd

221/14Moo6, Tambon Bueng Amphur Sriracha,ChonburiProvince, 20230, Thailand




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Advancing Manufacturing Technologies

"Aim even higher" - Since our founding in 1937, we have always kept this focus and strived to improve manufacturing technologies. Going forward, we will keep this focus and continue to make high-quality products.

The Joy of Steering the Future

As a manufacturing company, we at Univance take great joy from using our technology to chart a better future. We're about going further in fun, new directions.



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Skilled in Process Design & Equipment Development

Univance is a group of engineers who possess a vast array of know-how acquired over many years of production. We are able to design our own processes and achieve mass production by combining various methods to find the optimal production method. We also possess the skills to create our own manufacturing equipment as well.

A Corporate Culture of Unity and Openness

Univance's corporate culture empowers everyone to conduct open discussions on the same level, regardless of age or position. This fosters both a sense of unity and a culture of mutual growth.