Origin of the Company name and the Symbol mark

Beliefs Embedded in Our Name

Beliefs Embedded in Our Name

Our company name, UNIVANCE, comes from the words UNIQUE, UNIVERSAL, UNIT/UNITED, and ADVANCE. Embedded in this name is our desire to value individuality and be united in helping the world advance forward through our main product; drivetrain units.

Beliefs Embedded in Our Logo


The Univance logo represents the combination of complimentary elements essential to future generations. The curving lines of the bottom arc and the straight lines of the upper steps coalesce to symbolize those changing and unchanging elements, such as contentment, a comfortable environment, respect for the individual, and a sense of creating value, along with the hot and cool elements, such as strong personal support, technological precision, flexibility, and refined intellect, that the next generation seeks.
The "U" of the Univance logo also adds character and expresses our uniqueness as a whole. Our corporate color, vermillion, represents the warm, passionate, and innovative individuals of our group and is further accented by our sub-color, dark gray.