Employee Stories

Employee Stories

K・S, Product Development Department

I am responsible for product development as a CAD/CAE operator.
I design products using a computer, and use computer simulations to analyze those products to see if they satisfy requirements.
I was not very good at science or mathematics when I was a student, so I didn't major in this field because I couldn't see myself doing this type of work.
I never thought the day would come that I needed to use the lessons from my math and physics textbooks. Now I wish I had studied harder (laughter).

S・O, Product Development Department

As a member of the testing group, I am responsible for evaluating the performance of advanced development items.
My involvement with developing new products includes verifying and evaluating parts from new equipment. These products have never been manufactured before, so there are no results and we have to do daily trial-and-error studies.
As an overseer of newly-developed products testing, I am also responsible for explaining the results of our experiments to customers when they visit our headquarters.

G・Z, Human Resources Department

I am responsible for payroll in the Human Resources Group. An important part of my job is to ensure that all employees are paid on pay day. Naturally, I have to make sure that everyone is paid on time.
Additionally, I have to be very careful in my calculations because a mistake would not only cost me the confidence of other employees, it also affects government duties, such as taxes.
I am generally a carefree person, but I try very hard to make everyone happy. Through my work, I hope that I will develop better attention to detail (laughter).