A Greeting from President

Aim even higher


In 1937, Univance Corporation was founded as a privately managed factory.
It was a small factory where tatami mats and floors were removed from the house we had rent and some machines were installed on the earthen floor.
Even in such a small factory, we had our pride that we would do our work which satisfy customers with our own skills.

The mind has been inherited by the spirit of establishment, “Aim even higher”, and even now that we have become a manufacturer specializing in drive system operating the integrated production from development to machining and assembly, our passion for technology is still living in the center of our company.

It is the people who create technology, and develop it.
And technology is for all the people involved with us in the world.
People come before technology.

We believe that it is important to keep the unchanged feelings in our mind under the dramatically changing era while actively changing oneself. And it leads to our philosophy which is to continuously meet the customer trust and expectations which has been passed down since its establishment.

We, Univance Corporation will value individuality of each person and keep challenging in cooperate with the whole Univance group having help of customers, suppliers, and regional residents.

Iwao Suzuki
Representative Director, Chairperson and President