Joined Univance in 2017
Human Resources Department

What drives me is the support of my senior colleagues and my boss' trust.

My Job

I am responsible for payroll in the Human Resources Group.
An important part of my job is to ensure that all employees are paid on pay day. Naturally, I have to make sure that everyone is paid on time. Additionally, I have to be very careful in my calculations because a mistake would not only cost me the confidence of other employees, it also affects government duties, such as taxes.
I am generally a carefree person, but I try very hard to make everyone happy. Through my work, I hope that I will develop better attention to detail. (laughter).

Rewards of My Job

I had been only been on the job for 3 months and my boss trusted me with the important job of handling year-end adjustments. My senior colleagues were very kind and worked hard to train me. I was so happy that I was able to finish the work without any issues.
The things that drive me are my senior colleagues' support and my boss' confidence in me. My happiest moments are when we've just finished a job as a team and relax to catch our breath.

Why I Do It

Automotive is one of Japan's key industries, so I wanted to join an automotive-related company. I researched companies in Shizuoka Prefecture and found Univance. I also love driving and the ocean, so I was looking for a company that is near the water and where I could commute by car. But the biggest reason that I chose Univance was that the recruiter I met at a job fair was so nice and polite when discussing the company. I thought that a company with someone like this must have a good corporate culture.Once I actually started my job, I found out that I was right because everyone was so nice.
Looking for a job is a good opportunity to reflect upon yourself.
It may take time, but I think it is important to think carefully about what you really want to do. It's true that your salary is important, but even if your salary is high it's hard to do a job you don't like. You may receive multiple job offers, but choose the job that you think will be the most rewarding and has the best atmosphere.

My Daily Schedule

Start work

Check my emails and schedule for the day.

Morning Meeting

Meet with staffing agency representatives about contract worker recruitment.

Prepare for new contract workers

Prepare documents and uniforms needed for orientation, and coordinate new contractors' start dates with Production personnel.

Lunch break
I bring my own lunch from home. I prepare meals in advance when I have time, like on the weekends.
Payroll-related work

Process commuting allowances, change of direct deposit accounts, and requests to relocate family members.

Go home

I go home between 17:00 - 17:30, except when we are very busy with payroll.