Joined Univance in 2007
Product Development Department

I solve problems with my project members

My Job

As a member of the testing group, I am responsible for evaluating the performance of advanced development items. My involvement with developing new products includes verifying and evaluating parts from new equipment. These products have never been manufactured before, so there are no results and we have to do daily trial-and-error studies. As an overseer of newly-developed products testing, I am also responsible for explaining the results of our experiments to customers when they visit our headquarters.

Rewards of My Job

I am currently involved in a project to develop new parts with an overseas manufacturer. We had no history with this new product, so I initially encountered strange phenomena when conducting evaluations. My analyses weren't going as planned, and I wasn't able to exchange information effectively with the customer due to language and time zone differences.
However, my project members and I identified and solved problems one by one, and I felt a great sense of reward from being able to hit our target.

What I Like About Univance

One of the reasons I like this job is that our environment has many nice people from a wide range of age groups that will always give you advice.


My Daily Schedule

Go to work

Check my schedule for the day.

Morning Meeting

We check the progress of our experiments, agree on related items and conditions, and confirm schedules and delivery dates.

Investigate and plan experiments

We select a test machine based on experimental parameters, and then decide whether to make or purchase the necessary equipment, supplies, and measuring instruments for the experiments. We clarify our objectives, the kind of data to be collected, measurement methods, measurement tools, and procedures. Finally, we create a testing plan and submit it for approval.

Measurement, analysis, etc.

We conduct durability tests in our lab based on our testing plan. After testing, I disassemble the part and inspect each component. Then we use analysis tools to verify and organize the data. Finally, we issue a report on our experiments and submit it for approval.

Go home

I work about two hours of overtime to when needed to meet a deadline and then go home.