Joined Univance in 2009
Product Development Department

I feel a great sense of achievement when I get the analysis results I expected!

My Job

I am responsible for product development as a CAD/CAE operator. I design products using a computer, and use computer simulations to analyze those products to see if they satisfy requirements.

Rewards of My Job

That feeling of accomplishment when your predictions are correct!
I first predict how oil will move in a unit, and then I perform a simulation using CAE. I feel a great sense of achievement when I get the analysis results I expected.
One of my senior colleagues once told me, “think like oil.” At first I thought, “Are you serious?” But now I think I know how oil thinks to some extent (laughter).
I propose shapes to designers based on my simulations and analyses, which is rewarding because it makes me feel like I am involved in the design of the product. These types of simulations take a long time, so I load several of them up on Friday to run over the weekend. This is the best part, but trying to load all of these on schedule is one the most difficult parts of my job. For me, it's easier to go out on a Wednesday than a Friday (hahaha)!

What I like About Univance

I have been fortunate to have senior colleagues who've helped me to grow. When I was just starting out with CAE, one of my senior colleagues said, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Try your own ideas.” Once I actually tried though, I got strange results. I did some digging and found that I was making mistakes. After going back to fix my mistake and start over, I thought, "I wouldn't have wasted time if I had been told the answer from the beginning...”
But now I think that I've grown because my trainer instilled in me the habit of thinking on my own. I really appreciate that my senior colleague let me try my own ways and didn't attack me when I was wrong.

My Daily Schedule

Go to work

Check emails, schedule, etc. and make a plan for the day.

Check simulation results

Check the results of the simulations I ran yesterday.

Morning Meeting

Meet with design engineers to review simulation results.

3D model generation

Generate 3D models incorporating simulation results.

Lunch break

Have lunch with my colleagues at the company cafeteria.

Prepare simulation

Setup simulation to perform calculations overnight.

Prepare materials

Organize discussion on simulation results, provide feedback, and create plans for our next steps. Periodically I circulate materials to relevant personnel, and I submit a report once our work reaches a specific stage.

Go home

Leave around 17:00 to 17:30.