Joined Univance in 2015
Quality Assurance Department

I can develop my problem-solving skills on the job.

My Job

My job is to ensure that the performance of our new products, current products, and shipped products meets our customers' demands. As an example, when a abnormality occurs it is my responsibility to react quickly to contain it, to discover its root cause, and to enact countermeasures to prevent it from happening again. Additionally, another important role for Quality Assurance is to work to improve quality and prevent abnormalities from occurring in the first place.

Rewards of My Job

The reason that I like my job is that I can gain a lot of knowledge about our products, including their mechanisms, manufacturing methods, and functions. I also like the fact that I can develop my problem-solving skills on the job.
That's what I did when I was investigating this one abnormality. I was thinking about the root cause and wanted to implement an appropriate countermeasure, but I had little experience or knowledge on the subject and couldn't even form a question. I kept moving forward little by little by studying the mechanisms and production methods for the part and by getting advice from my supervisor and my more experienced colleagues.
I remember feeling excited when my supervisor and senior colleagues agreed with my conclusions about the root cause of the issue. In the future, I hope I can feel a real sense of achievement by smoothly leading the process all the way through the verification of countermeasure effectiveness. Above all, I like working with my senior colleagues and working in an environment where I have to quickly, accurately, and logically understand a situation, make a decision, conduct an analysis, and think of solutions.

Why I Do It

My main motivation in applying for this position was that there was a good chance that I may be sent overseas. I was actually given an opportunity to go on a business trip abroad after a few months on the job. That was a turning point in my career, and now I am responsible for overseas clients. I can see companies becoming more globalized in my work, and I feel that I will need to grow in my language skills.
Another reason I chose to join Univance was that we oversee everything, from design to machining and assembly. It can be very difficult when thinking about units that are composed of so many parts, but at the same time I feel that this work is very rewarding.

My Daily Schedule

Go to work

Check the day’s schedule and plan how much of each task I can do within a certain time.

Respond to emails

Share information with the Production department about changes or abnormalities that occurred the day before, and also information on the progress of quality improvement activities. I then prepare meeting minutes and share them throughout the company.

Prepare reports

Prepare investigation reports on quality issues, and send them to clients after obtaining management approval.


Meet with clients and related internal departments about quality issues.

Lunch break

Spend some time thinking of my weekend plans while eating in the cafeteria.

Check documentation

Check applications for manufacturing process change requests and submit for approval.


Get updated on the status of abnormalities and investigate their root causes.

Propose and plan countermeasures

Summarize investigation results, explore countermeasures, and come up with an implementation plan that includes trials, evaluations, countermeasure introduction, and verification of countermeasure effectiveness.

Go home

I usually finish between 18:00 - 18:30 and jog all the way home.