Joined Univance in 2015
Engineering Planning Department

My senior colleagues are kind and support me when I don't know the answer.

My Job

I am responsible for process design. When I design a layout for a process, I select the most appropriate machining methods to manufacture products, determine production capacity, and consider a product's flow within our production facility.
I also coordinate the procurement of manufacturing equipment and accessories. I am currently designing a new type of assembly line which will be added to existing assembly line in our Thailand plant.
I have actually visited the Thailand plant to prepare for line modification and production.

Rewards of My Job

I once made a jig to solve an issue that the Production staff encountered. Everyone in Production, from staff to managers and supervisors, said “thank you”and I felt good to be of help.
Once I joined the Engineering Planning Department, I experienced many things and gained a lot of knowledge. I am looking forward to more experiences and acquiring more technical knowledge. As a global company, I want to help Univance continue improving its technologies so it will be the best in the world.

Why I Do It

Univance is one of the companies that was suggested by my university. I chose Univance because I get to work in my desired field, Engineering, and because I get to work with my long-time hobbies; cars and motorcycles.
Univance has a subsidiary in Indonesia, so the staff is used to communicating with people from Indonesia. My senior colleagues are kind and support me when I don't know the answer.

My Daily Schedule

Start work

We have a morning meeting within our group and discuss reports and problems from the previous day.

Verify operations

Confirm equipment operations on the new line that we designed.

Safety Check

I check whether it's safe to work on a newly designed line. It's important to create lines that produce profit, but safety comes first.

Lunch break
I bring my own homemade lunch, which is Indonesian food of course.

We use a tool called FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) to analyze the root causes of machine breakdowns. We review all potential factors no matter how small they are.

Revise Operation Sheets

An operation sheet is like a recipe for production, describing which parts, jigs, and tools to use and how to use them. When a model change forces us to change something, like a part or component, we have to revise our documents. This is a major responsibility because a mistake could have major impacts.

Go home

I work 1 - 2 hours of overtime and then go home. I spend time at home doing things like studying Japanese, and I sometimes go to a mosque in Hamamatsu.